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I’m Klara Ravat, an experimental filmmaker and Video-artist based in Berlin.

I grew up in Barcelona and studied in The Netherlands.

I use analogue and digital film, not wanting to choose for one or the other. I’m currently looking for ways to combine video and film with the sense of smell.


Contact me:

Klara Ravat Logo


+49 162 18 06 810

+34 699 23 98 56



22 March 2015 – 26 July 2015

Synthesis installation at

Es liegt was in der Luft – Duft in der Kunst ¬

There is Something in the Air – Scent in Art

Museum Villa Rot

Burgrieden, Germany


20 June 2015

smell LAB – olfactory experimentation

lunches at SPEKTRUM Openning weekend

15:ooh at Spektrum

Berlin, Germany



7 July 2015

smell LAB – olfactory experimentation

1rst MEET UP

20h at Spektrum

Berlin, Germany



9 – 27 September 2015

Sound Development City Expedition

From Belgrade to Athens





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