Experimental Film

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16mm, colour, digital sound, 2:22 min, 2015.

Preview available.


Thank you so much to LabA in Athens for hosting the developing process.

Pixel Jungle

Pixel Jungle frame 1Pixel Jungle frame 2Pixel Jungle Frame 3


16mm, colour, silent, 3:26 min, 2015.

Preview available.


35mm shots of Madrid are digitally expanded and rearranged to emulate the sensations of another city: Barcelona. The patterns created are a graphical representation of one aspect of perception: the olfactory sense. The grain of one image originates airy particles that impregnate our vision. The images become the smell of night at the coastal town, and the orange tree courtyard in the district of Raval. Each photogram is printed on transparent tape, and glued on clear 16mm leader.

Synopsis writen by Mónica Savirón for the film program “A Matter of Visibility” which she curated for the First Look Series Festival, 2016, at the Moving Image Museum at NY.



pattern frames 2 pattern frames 10

Odio a Freud


vlcsnap-2015-10-21-22h17m53s240 vlcsnap-2015-10-21-22h19m53s141vlcsnap-2015-10-21-22h15m43s189

S8, colour, digital sound, 3:15 min, 2015.

Preview available.


A very simple image of a woman, shoulders up, medium close-up, in this case, here I am, doing slow movements with the head. In the meantime, the audio narrates a speech on how Freud represented the women, how strangers they were for him. Well, and it goes towards  a personal opinion.


One of the several Freudian theories.

Una de las muchas teorías Freudianas.






by Klara Ravat with music by Richard Eigner (http://richard.ritornell.at/)

2014 I 3 min I 16mm I color I digital sound I 24 fps

If a woman wears a red dress it usually is associated with sex appeal.


ai mi!

Ai Mi (16mm, 1’30 min).

Direct animation with printer sticker sheets taped direct on transparent film.

A transfer of poses on Renaissance paintings.

eucariotic punk

photo: Ed Jansen

photo: Ed Jansen

by Klara Ravat and Nenad Popov

Guided by the idea of the live cinema in its truest sense, we developed methods for growing specific kinds of living matter directly on 16mm film loops: mostly friendly species of fungi like moulds or yeasts.
The biological processes transform the film while it is playing in the projector. This results in an incredible variety of evolving landscapes composed by often unexpected assortment of textures, patterns and colors which, removing the spectator from the real world, let his subconscious free to fall into a dream.

We create a gratifying environment where not just the moving image will seduce the audience but the mechanical sound and structure of the projectors.

Nenad’s site: http://morphogenesis.eu/




IMMERSE sound – loop installation at Creatief Warenhuis Hoop, The Hague, NL

Untitled from klararavat on Vimeo.

I look around and I capture, I treat my cameras as my own fingers, they are just a prolongation of my hands or like Jonas Mekas said Like when a jazz musician plays a saxophone —the instrument is an extension of the fingers. And fingers are transmitters —extensions of your mind, your heart, your whole body and everything that you are. That’s what my camera becomes.

When I film, I get very close to my objectives. In the particular case of the work I’m presenting, films are not made by its own medium, a film camera but have been taken with an underwater photo camera. During last summer, August 2011, I went to visit my friend Maria to Menorca, a little Balearian island where she moved with her boyfriend with the illusion of finding a job as a special education teacher.

Menorca has a precious see, its beaches look like the Caribbean transparent blue waters and it’s just about 40 min by plane from Barcelona. During my stay I found my-self playing with Maria underwater, as if we were kids, hunting and researching what was under our feet. While having some fun we started to photograph each other. The result was a very interesting process of relaxation. We were both getting rid of our negative feelings about the last period of our daily lives by immersing into water. Drawing was not any more a horrible experience, it was changing us, as ice in hot water, we were crackling, braking into pieces to finally melt with the water around us.

When the summer was over it was time to return to The Netherlands, the nostalgia of the south was smoothly present. The memories of the worm playful sea were emerged
by a cold rush of water. It was time to start working on something new.My interest for the medium, film, started three years ago, when I discovered WORM, the institute for avantgarde recreation in Rotterdam. By the end of the workshop led by Robert Todd I had my first film ready, a black and white double exposure 3 minutes moving image about Worm surroundings. I kept working in film very slowly till this October I started to work directly on the film material. The first experiments where with letterset, the old method for typing names and addresses in envelopes. My surprise was to discover that I was actually enjoying much more the feeling of touching the film while working than shooting with the Bolex. With that in mind I start to produce my own stickers.

First, I made a selection of pictures between the ones Maria and I took while enjoying the summer in Menorca. Second, I use one picture per loop what means that the approximately 350 frames that the short film has belongs to the same picture. I play by zooming in and out, focusing in the textures of the skin or the light reflecting into the water. My main mental scheme for the final loop composition is the color. Composing with the color and the textures of the still pictures is my intention in this work. Third, I make the mentioned composition in Photoshop, using a empty 16mm grid prototype. The next step is printing! Where a very important part of the process happens; using a transparent sticky acetate paper as a support and a inject ink printer not settled for the actual paper gives the grane back where it belongs, film. The last step is cutting the printed films and sticking them into transparent roll of celluloid.



16mm double exposure film shooted in Rotterdam with HiCon, Kodak 7363, during my first workshop at the WORM.Filmwerkplaats with Robert Todd, who I thank so much for taking my film with him to Chicago, which returned to the Netherlands in a box with 2 copies and a DVD. THANK YOU ROBERT!
June 2010.


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