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Professional experience


9th October 2015, Tief performance at SpektrumBerlin, Germany.

8 October 2015, Scope Sessions – artist talk at PankeBerlin, Germany.

24 September 2015, smellWALK + Distilling workshop, Athens, Greece.

14 September 2015, smellWALK + Distilling workshop, Belgrade, Serbia.

10 September 2015, Artist talk at Nova Iskra, Belgrade, Serbia.

2015, 9 – 27 September, Sound Development City ExpeditionFrom Belgrade to Athens.

2015 – 20 June 2015, smell LAB – olfactory experimentation lunches at SPEKTRUM Openning weekend, Berlin, Germany

2015 – 22 March to 26 July,  Synthesis installation at Es liegt was in der Luft – Duft in der Kunst ¬There is Something in the Air – Scent in Art

Museum Villa RotBurgrieden, Germany.

2015 – 17 April, Experimentos perceptivos, monography Screening, Cinema Anèmic  #04, Espai ST3Barcelona, Spain.


2015 – March, Pixel Jungle, 16mm short film, realization.

2015 – March, Odio a Freud, S8 short film, realization.

2015 – 17 February, Ai mi! screening at MIRE, Nantes, France.

2015 – January, Poster design for the experimental film HOMETOWN.

2015 – 31 January, Over the dog days, expanded screening at Diffraktion, Caligari Theater, Berlin, Germany.

2015 – 22 January Petrichor performance at the Dresdner SchmalFilm Tage

2015 – 13 January Screening Ai mi! at Taipei Film Institute, Taiwan.

2014 – 19 December   Curation and presentation of the film program Physicality of the attraction at the Crater Lab, Barcelona, Spain.


 2014 – 6 December Tief -Live audiovisual performance- at Unrender, LEHRTER SIEBZEHN, Berlin, Germany.


2014 – 28 November Transformation screening at Het Nuithuis, The Hague, Netherlands.

2014 – 25 November Transformation screening at Black hole cinematheque, Oakland, EE.UU.


2014 – 23 November Petrichor Performance Premier at Ausland, Berlin, Germany.

2014 – 30 August Tief performance (Live visulas with electronics by Circuitsplash and live guitar by robin o/o) at Flutgraben, Berlin Germany.

2014 – 5th August Transformation screening at International Screening of Experimental Vídeo and Audio – 2nd Edition – BLACK BOX, Galeria Municipal de Arte Pedro Paulo Vecchietti, Brasil.

2014 – August Flyer and Poster design for LaborBerlin Summer Screening.

(see under visual communication in this blog).

2014 – Processing B&W reversal film workshop at the Laborberlin, Berlin, Germany.

2014 – 27/28/29 Juny Eucariotic Punk at WOLF Cinema during 48h Neukölln Festival, Berlin, Germany.


2014 – Juny Ai Mi! and Transformation screening at Kassel Art School.


2014- Juny Ai Mi! and Rotterdam screening at  S(8), Mostra de Cinema periferico, A Coruña, Spain.

2014 – Juny Presentation about the Filmwerkplaats at S(8), Mostra de Cinema periferico, A Coruña, Spain.


2014 – April Ai mi! screening at TACTILE CINEMA: hands on exploration of analogue film, The Master of Film lecture series, Film Academy Master, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


2014 – 1 February Ai mi! and Transformation screening at Diffraktion (LaborBerlin event), Villa Neukölln, Berlin, Germany.


2014 – January: production of Transformation (16mm film with music by Richard Eigner).

2014 – 24, 25, 26 January: Organization and production of “Riders of the cold” exhibition, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2014 – 24, 25, 26 January: Immerse (16mm film installation) at De Mafkess, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2014 – January: Promotional video for electroduo WARM


2014 – 11 January: “Ai mi!” screening at The Guest House, Cork, Ireland.

( )

2013 – November: Vj set with Judith van der Made at Waag Society, Museum Night, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013 – November: “ai mi!” screening at Filmkoop, Viena, Austria.

2013 – October: “Re-Synthesize” installation at the AVANS Communication and Media Design, Breda, Netherlands.

2013 – October: Lecture at the AVANS Communication and Media Design Academy, Breda, Netherlands.

2013 – October: “ai mi!” screening at Dordrecht, Netherlands.

2013 – October: participation in “Re-activate” a Filmwerkplaats Film installation at the Witte de Wit Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

2013 – September: Co-direction and curation of VROMm2.0 grande Opening, VROMm2.0, The Hague, Netherlands.

2013 – September: Re-Synthesize (audio-odor-visual installation), at VROMm2.0, The Hague, Netherlands.


2013 – September: Over the dog days (16mm and super 8 expanded screening) at Sight of Sound event, WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands.


2013 – July: Synthesis at Blood, Sweat and Tears, KABK Graduation Show, The Hague, Netherlands.

2013 – June: Drawn-Out screening at the Athens Video Art festival.


2013 – May: Preview of Synthesis audio-odor-visual installation at the Korzo Theater during the Spheres Festival, The Hague, Netherlands.



2013 – ai mi! screening at the Kino Club, WORM, Rotterdam.


2013 – Eucariotic Punk film installation at The Sonic Acts Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam.


2012 – ai mi!  screening at the Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam.


2012 – TestLab with the Filmwerkplaats at Spherae, Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam.

2012- Core member of the Association Filmwerkplaats (to collect, maintain and share knowledge and facilities related to a hand-made, DIY way of working with analogue film, Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm, and to promote exposure of the analogue film medium through events, productions, workshops and collaborations), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

2012 play! and Amsterdam form part of the content for the Palm Top Theater device release.


2012 IMMERSE 16mm loop sound installation at Exhibition Dark Side//Bright Side, Creatif Warenhuis Hoop, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2012  ai mi! Screening at WORM classiek, WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


2012 Installation Eucariotic Punk at Lighthouse Festival, Korzo Theater, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2012 Screening of Nina at Lighthouse Festival, Korzo Theater, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2012  Promotional music video for Flamenco band elTablao, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2011 play! and Amsterdam at the Collective exhibition PALM TOP THEATER at JAPAN MEDIA ARTS FESTIVAL (Dortmunt, DE).

(, (

2011 Documental video SYMPOSIUM for the INSIDE Interior Architecture (ma), Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2011 Four promotional video-interviews for INSIDE Interior Architecture (ma), Royal academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands.


2011 Performer at The Last Supper by Jeremiah Runnels, The Hague, The Netherlands.


2010 Collective exhibition PALM TOP THEATER, at V2 Rotterdam as a part of the IRRF (International Film Festival Rotterdam) program.


2010 Visual Jockey for Structet, Building Music, TODAYS ART Festival, The Hague, The Netherlands.


2010 Voluntary at moviesthatmatter festival, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2010 Voluntary Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

2009- Present Science of the Time Blogger

2009 Voluntary TODAYSART festival, The Hague, the Netherlands.


2011 – Present Psychology studies at UOC (Open University of Catalonia).

2009 – 2013  ArtScience bachelor at the Royal academy of Art, The Hague, The Netherlands.

2009 – 2013 16mm film workshops at WORM, Rotterdam, The Netherlands:

  • The phenomenological hantus apparatus by Robert Todd
  • The Edge of Film by Tomonari Nishikawa
  • Thoughphotography
  • Expanded Cinema by Guy Sherwin and Lyn Loo
  • Today’s movies not yesterday’s by Reinhart Cosaert 
  • DIY 16mm Pinhole Film Camera 
  • Makino Takashi – Noise Film
  • Martha Colburn – Animation

2008 – 09 Post grade in Coolhunting: qualitative trend research at the Communication University Blanquerna, Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain.

2008 Documentary Video Edition workshop, image department, at the Barcelona Fine Arts University (UB).

2008 Poor Photography workshop at Barcelona Fine Arts University (Bellas Artes, UB).

2004-2007 1rst and 2nd bachelor course Medicine school, UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona).

2003-2004: 2º Secondary school: Escuela Prat.

1998- 2002: IES Angeleta Ferrer i Sensat.


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