Audio-Odor-Visual Performance.




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Tief – AV performance

Tief 2


Circuit Splash live electronics

Klara Ravat visuals


Teaser/Documentation: Laborberlin summer screening @ Am flutgraben, Berlin



 Stage Design

Video and Performance by Klara Ravat.

Sound by Eveline Klop.

Hye Young Yang as a performer.


I Can See You! Can you see me?

With I Can See You! Can you see me? I wanted to experiment with the boundaries between an art piece/performance or performer and the audience. What would be art without an audience? What would be this piece without you? Does the work of art just remain in work and not in art without an audience? Is important to have a space as a stage different from where the audience is placed? What happens when art and audience share the same space without delimitation and without rules? How is the audience reacting to that?

The performance contains two Episodes:

Episode 1:

14 days staring at the surveillance camera at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, Netherlands. I started with one minute and with distance enough of the camera to get closer everyday, and increasing the standing time as well, one minute more per day.

During this first episode my performance took place without notice.

Episode 2:

5 days performance, same action as in episode one but audience required


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