Es liegt was in der Luft

Publisher: Hoenes-Stiftung and Dr. Stefanie Dathe, Museum Villa Rot, 2015.

ISBN: 978-3-9816250-5-9

Sense of Smell


Contribution (about my piece Synthesis) to the publication sense of smell by:

Marcel van Brakel, Wander Eikelboom,
Frederik Duerinck a.o.

165 x 300 mm | 192p. | selfcover | ENG/NL | 27
design: Rob van Hoesel

edition: 750

ISBN: 978-94-92051-00-4


The Multy Sensory Album

Netherlands October 2012.

“Phrase your memories visually, tactually and olfactory.

You can complete this diary slowly.

As the time passes we change, so our identity also changes.

Find the connections in your life variations.      

Enjoy remembering who you were and who you are now.”

The Multy sensory Album 1

Smell is the sense with the best memory, it can help us to recall real deep stored memories. The Multi sensory Album lays on the idea of constructing slowly a olfactory and tactile memorial experience during a period of your life you would  like to remember, or even all of it so when we are old we can smell and touch our life, making that way easier to recall our  memories.

 In the back side of the album you can find a box. Inside it there are six round capsules and an almond oil bottle. Three  capsules are filled with transparent gel balls. In those capsules you can spry or add a smell in a liquid state. Inside the  next three capsules you can find bee wax. With it and some almond oil you can create solid perfume which perseveres  the odor for a long time.

That way you would be able to complete the album sticking tactile stimuli and writing down your memory perfume formulas to be able to reconstruct them in a future.

The Multy sensory Album 2


Immerse by Klara Ravat


The Netherlands, 2013.

You can check it out online here:


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