VideoArt and Odour

In the following link you can check some of my experiments related to the sense of smell:

Daily Odors Blog


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‘Synthesis’ is an audio-odor-visual piece that portrays a transformation towards synthetic communication.

What do the odors we carry in our body communicate during our daily lives? Are we conscious of what we say with all the smells we poor into our body?

Is the person in the video a “real” person or someone who is produced synthetically due to the smell transformation?

The odor composition paints a transition: a human odor that is becoming synthetic.

Re-Synthesize (Synthesis adaptation)





The Hague, 2011.

Why do we let things take longer than we would like to?

On and Off

On and Off

The Hague, 2011.

No time to sleep, no time to wake up, no time to eat; temporal, circadian clock rhythm. On and Off.


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